Thank you for your visit to "ILLAFTrain Certified Trainer (ICT)" website. We have developed this product to be more specialized and appropriate for the market, corporate, and individual needs. Starting from 25-1-2016, this product had been stopped, and we moved to our new developed product "ILLAFTrain of Trainers".

شكراً لزيارتكم موقع دورة تدريب المدربين ICT. لقد تم تطوير هذا المنتج ليكون أكثر تخصصاً وملائماً لمتطلبات السوق والشركات والأفراد. اعتباراً من 25-1-2016 تم ايقاف هذا المنتج وانتقلنا إلى المنتج المطوّر "إيلاف ترين أوفترينرز". تفضلوا بزيارة الموقع

ILLAFTrain Certficed Trainer Course ICT
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ILLAFTrain Certified Trainer Course ICT | Home Page

Why ICT?

  • At least a hundred techniques are applied, including Accelerated Learning techniques.
  • The course is not run by only one trainer. There are at least four trainers who are available during the whole course.
  • Trainees get the training material in a TEXT form.
  • Above all, every trainee gives a training presentation in front of a panel and under the supervision of a trainer. (There were 24 presentations by trainees during the last ICT event).
  • In addition to many other significant advantages (Arabic).

Who is it for?
  • New trainers and professionals
  • Human Resources managers
  • Educational organizations managers
  • Anyone who is interested in learning, education, and training

What’s after getting ICT?
  • A certified trainer’s certificate from a professional organization with high standards in the training field.
  • A passport which enables you to get the privileges of ILLAFTrain’s certified trainer.
  • A certified practitioner at Dubai’s Fast Training Center. *
  • Free support and consultation sessions for a year.
  • An author membership in the learning and training encyclopedia.
  • An expert’s membership in the Najah’s Net Encyclopedia.
  • Lifelong subscription in the Training Bazaar.
  • A membership in “Professional Trainers”.
* only if the course of Accelerated Learning is included in the course.

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Brahim Badre ,Head of Human Development, HAMAS political movement, Algeria. I would like to convey my best regards to every ILLAFTrain member. This ILLAFTrain trainer course was a unique course, in regard to the content and material, as well as the performance of the really special international trainer, Mr. Muhammad Badra. The course has succeeded in creating a remarkable change in my behavior, specially towards carrying the values that I think every Arabic and Muslim should embrace, embarking the wave of the generation of changes. I can say clearly and proudly that this course was a new start point in my life, in my daily behavior as well as my mission that I believe in carrying. And frankly, when I started this course, I thought that just participating in such a training module is enough, but then, after I was exposed to the material, I realized that everything I learnt was of a great great value. Thank you very much for all what you have done.  Brahim Badre ,Head of Human Development, HAMAS political movement, Algeria.

Resources (Arabic)

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